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Review: Free & Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo

March 2018. Chris has dandruff and offers guidance as to what the symptoms are of the various dandruff causing conditions, allergens to avoid, and rates commercial shampoo products. We’re glad he is a fan of Free & Clear™ Shampoo and Free & Clear™ Medicated Anti-dandruff Shampoo!

How to Deal with Eczema

February 2018. GQ Men’s Fashion and Style magazine talks to Jordana Mattioli of Complete Skin MD about living with eczema. Small lifestyle changes are necessary such as removing scent from your life and hydrating with Vanicream™ Skin Cream!

Skincare: Moisturizing

February 2018. Vaniply™ Ointment is recommended as a skin protectant for those with allergies to preservatives and fragrances.