Our Approach


Ingredient Selection

The primary purpose of our company is to make products for people with sensitive skin. We know from the responses of both physicians who recommend our products, and patients that use them, that we have achieved considerable success toward this goal.

None-the-less, we know that we will probably never be able to help every person with sensitive skin.

You can be assured that we go to great lengths to select ingredients that are safe and effective, are suitable for our customers, and then we continuously test and monitor them for quality. Likewise, our finished products undergo evaluation by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments as well as outside testing organizations.

We know that allergies are on the rise, and we remain vigilant and will revise our formulas, and will rule-out ingredients as knowledge in the area advances.

Clearly, anyone with severe allergies or contact sensitivities with unknown causes should contact their physician to see if a skin test is recommended before using any of our products when an ingredient may be of concern.


Meeting & exceeding the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations

We develop, manufacture and package specialty skin care products according to drug quality standards in a current Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facility.

We are regularly inspected by the FDA and licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Pharmacy as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.