Vanicream Compounding Information


"I LOVE your Vanicream. I am a compounding technician for Blessman Pharmacy. I learned about Vanicream from another pharmacy. I changed over all my BHRT compounds to Vanicream. I have had patients tell me it is easier to use. That makes me happy!"
Formulated to meet your compounding needs… yet economical.

Vanicream Skin Cream is easily compounded through its vast compatibility profile. It acts as a lubricating and moisturizing vehicle allowing treatment medications to be carried to the skin for more conducive healing. For lotion applications, use Vanicream Lite Lotion.



Elegant Prescription Compounding

Vanicream Skin Cream gives you superior results without a greasy after-feel. It is easy to apply and spread, non-staining and non-comedogenic which means high patient compliance.


Physical Protection

When applied routinely, Vanicream Skin Cream helps prevent irritation of fragile and reactive skin.


Long-lasting, Effective Hydration

Vanicream Skin Cream preserves hydration of normal skin, maintains skin hydration after bathing or wet dressing therapy, and restores hydration by delaying loss of insensible perspiration.


Free of Common Chemical Irritants

Vanicream Skin Cream is formulated to avoid common chemical irritants and sensitizers. It is not only a superior compounding base but also an outstanding lubricant moisturizer while being free of dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde.


Size and Order Information

Vanicream Skin Cream is available in 2 oz. travel tubes, 4 oz. tubes, 1 lb. jars (with or without pump dispenser), and 40 lb. pails. Check the wholesale order numbers list for items available through your wholesaler. If you cannot obtain pails through your wholesaler, they may be ordered direct from us by calling 1-800-325-8232.