A collection of information regarding skin care, skin conditions, irritants, sunscreens, sun exposure, and tips for kids.
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5 Things to Know When Shopping for the Best Sensitive Skin Shampoo

For people with sensitive skin, a good, reliable hair regimen begins with finding the right shampoo for you. To help you find the right product, we’ve put together a list of five things to know when shopping for the best sensitive skin shampoo. 1. Know which common chemical irritants to avoid When it comes to

Simple Skin Care Steps for Tweens & Teens

Healthy skin promotes self-confidence, self-esteem The transition from adolescence to young adulthood is frequently called the tween through teen years. It’s a time when adolescents learn how to become independent and struggle with peer pressure, body changes, relationships, and development of their self-identity. A teen’s sense of identity often depends on how they see themselves

Three Basic Steps to Skincare for Aging Skin

Everyone ages at a different rate, but as we age we can all expect our skin to change. Aging skin tends to become thinner and drier. Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots begin to appear. As the skin loses elasticity, it becomes more fragile. Even the tiniest bump or scratch can tear, bruise, or cut the

5 Ways to Minimize the Effects of Aging Skin

Everyone wants healthy, smooth, young looking skin. Good skin care at an early age helps promote healthy skin as an adult and can have long-term effects as we age. Some skin changes are due to the aging process or hormones. Skin becomes thinner and drier, loses elasticity, becomes more fragile, and wrinkles and age spots

Moisturizing During the Summer Months

Most people use less moisturizer on their skin during summer months, but when temperatures are high, your skin can become just as dry as during the winter months. As you spend more time outdoors, sun exposure, heat, and chlorine can dry your skin. Air conditioning is meant to reduce humidity indoors which leads to dry